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Did Love Create This Community Called Build by Faith!?

Time to look inside the most recent story behind the brand Build by Faith.

That video was awful quality and I hope you don't judge the quality of the company off of it!

The Washington's

Our journey began with a rather interesting approach. My wife and I actually met on a social media platform formally known as “Instagram”. 18 hours in distance from my place of living in Colorado to hers in Wisconsin we developed a connection that will last a lifetime. Although that connection didn’t necessarily stick on its own from the beginning, God found a way to bring us together. As a single mother with an overcoming story and a young man with a strong desire for a family, the glue that God used to make us stick was my wife’s daughter who I later adopted.

In the beginning I had no clue that our daughter existed as my wife didn’t present her as part of the picture. However, God presented her to me a month before I knew she even existed! It all came to me in a dream, the most vivid dream I’ve ever had. That being the case I posted on Instagram the next morning right away with my feelings concerning the dream saying; “Normally wouldn't share things like this! But I didn't want to wake up from a dream this morning. Oddly enough it was a dream that I adopted this beautiful little 5 year old girl with brown skin, two little curly puffs on her head, and little freckles on her nose. Her name was Sydney. In my dream she showered me with hugs and cuddles and I most definitely spoiled her! I brought her around my family often and I just happened to wake up when we were dancing in the kitchen. And to be honest I didn't want to wake up, for some reason I wanted that to be reality. Sounds crazy I know! But I'm wondering why that was my dream. I desire to have a family, but I've never had a dream so vivid. I literally woke up feeling blessed. Money or material goods don't compare to that. Anyways, in Gods timing!”. That post included an attached sketch of what the girl in my dream looked like and it fell nothing short of what our daughter’s features resembled! With God in the driver seat, my wife and I zoomed through 4 months of dating long distance and 2 months of engagement leading up to our wedding day sealing the deal! We now currently reside in Appleton, Wisconsin with our daughter and newly born son.

From there our family’s life has been nothing short of exciting and full of trials. God has given us a unique gift and story far beyond what I have time to share with you at this moment. However, God has laid it on our hearts to share that very story with everyone as we live it out day by day through this platform created “Build by Faith”. Through our story and life we want to encourage others to live and create their own stories to the fullest. We don’t only desire to share our life with the community but we also want to provide unique skills and tools to help others live a better and healthier lifestyle. And most importantly one that leads to eternal life. So please join us on this journey as we create a community of people that live and breathe greatness through Faith!

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