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Personal Training, Group Training, Athlete Training.

Youth, Adult, Small Business, Relationships.

Allow us to manage your businesses social media, create marketing content and increase your visibility to consumers. 

Want to rock BbF gear? Well we have awesome choices for your workout or just your casual walk around!


Our company Build by Faith is a complete Christ-like movement built to impact mentally, physically, and spiritually through Life Ministry, Personal Training and Small Business Development. Our company sales faith based products that gives us the opportunity to support individuals and small businesses for free. Supporting our small business is more than just enjoying nice things. These products also provide witnessing opportunities, opportunities for others that don’t have funds to get help from us and also for small businesses to receive low to no cost consulting! The business is equipped with Adult, Youth, Personal and Small Business coaching. In the Life Coaching and Fitness Industry we are presented with an opportunity to directly influence people for the better. Why not leave a positive legacy that will last for years after we are gone. There is so much opportunity out there and we're looking to make an impact on everyone we come across. We are changing lives! Join the movement!

Build by Faith is established on Biblical principles. God has given us so much and we are to glorify him with everything we have in this life.

1 Corinthians 10:31


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Build by Faith expands to many different platforms. Click on the YouTube button to find our Truth About Marriage Vlogs and much more featured above. Or click on any of our other social media links to find more information and content on what makes our brand unique! 


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